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Asbestos Business Intelligence (BI)

In response to developments in the asbestos litigation environment and associated requests from our clients, we have developed a robust Business Intelligence (BI) service offering for asbestos exposures. 

Our BI services deliver targeted analytics and reporting on specific topics and issues to enhance our clients’ decision-making processes. We leverage industry leading proprietary data that includes our asbestos litigation database and 524(g) asbestos bankruptcy trust offset data. This data supports clients’ decision-making where traditional data sources typically fall short in quality, completeness, and timeliness. PACE provides clients with critical knowledge and unique insights to enable better business decisions on both near-term tactical and long-term strategic time horizons.

PACE’s Proprietary tools assist our clients in reducing costs — indemnity and defense — and in developing effective defense strategies. 

Specifically these tools offer the following:

  • Reduce defense costs — Based on sophisticated modeling, identify claims that are likely for dismissal.  These claims can be handled in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.
  • Bankruptcy Trust offset amounts — PACE tools will calculate amounts likely to be collected by injured parties from the Trusts based on their exposure history.
  • Only reliable database of all historic asbestos personal injury claims, including specific defendant naming information.
  • Alternate exposure data — Historic data from court records combined with sophisticated searching tools provide specific jobsite and product information on historic claims.
  • Other proprietary tools — Contact us for more information.

BI for Other Mass Tort Exposures

PACE’s professionals also have extensive experience in developing custom client-specific data sets and associated reporting and analytical processes to yield intelligence on other mass tort exposures. These data sets and processes are designed to support management decision processes at client defined intervals (e.g., annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly) or on an ad hoc / on-demand basis.  PACE’s BI services leverage a combination of both industry and custom built software platforms to deliver the optimal solution to each client.

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PACE is committed to conducting all of its business activities with integrity and excellence, and ensuring the trust of our shareholders, customers, employees and business partners.

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